Delta Motorsport conquers the low carbon coupé with support from the Transport iNet

Posted on: 1/11/2016
Delta Motorsport conquers the low carbon coupé with support from the Transport iNet

With help from the Transport innovation Network (iNet), Northampton based Delta Motorsport is building five E-4 Coupés - the first of which will be on the road in January 2016.

The E-4 Coupé is powered entirely by batteries, which on average reduce harmful emissions by around 67% without compromising performance or driver enjoyment.

Delta Motorsport, which was formed in 2005, specialises in the design and engineering of race cars and road cars for the motorsport and automotive industry. The company wanted to develop its high performance vehicles by creating a low carbon vehicle that would increase both driver performance and energy efficiency of component parts.

In 2015 Delta Motorsport was awarded a Grant for Research and Development (GRD) worth £220,000, funded by East Midlands Economics Online (EMEO) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The grant  was used to  research, design and build the prototype low energy vehicle.  Following this work, the company was introduced to Transport iNet Innovation adviser James Reeves, with whom Delta Motorsport began working on producing the demonstrator product, the  E-4 Coupé.

James Reeves from the Transport iNet, said: “As a complex area with new and rapidly developing niche technology, Delta Motorsport needed support and guidance on the best options available for continuing to build their own vehicle - now dubbed the E-4 Coupe. We have given Delta Motorsport a range of support and advice over the last year, for example providing it with extensive research into new and developing low carbon technologies to assist the project in its continued build. We’ve also been able to help Delta Motorsport create a business strategy and introduce them to industry bodies. As a result the company is now continuing to develop innovative parts and systems for the E-4 Coupé, which will minimise the weight of the vehicle and optimise aerodynamics and mechanical efficiency.”

Nick Carpenter, Co-Founder and Technical Director of Delta Motorsport, said: “The investment in Delta Motorsport from the Transport iNet has provided us with a significant understanding of how we can build the E-4 Coupé to a world class standard. Green vehicle technology is still very much a developing area and the support from the Transport iNet has helped us create solutions to a wide range of problems, answering questions we didn’t even know we would find. Without having the expertise and support from the Transport iNet, we would have never been able to develop the E-4 Coupe to the standard that it is now.

“The support it has given us at the CENEX LCV events over the last two years has allowed us to make a name for ourselves with leading industry bodies and delve deeper into potential areas that we could work in. The financial support we have received has also been a tremendous support, allowing us to give our vehicle an even more competitive edge. We look forward to our continued work with the Transport iNet.”

Delta Motorsport founders Nick Carpenter and Simon Dowson had been researching and developing low energy vehicles since 2000. Following the establishment of Delta Motorsport in 2005, both were keen to continue developing this to find a way to build more lightweight, sustainable vehicles with increased system efficiency and improved aerodynamics.

The Transport iNet is funded by East Midlands Economics Online (EMEO) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The aim of the iNet is to share expertise and stimulate the research and development of new products, services and processes through free consultancy support, access to funding and research support, events and other activities.

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