England’s East Midlands is a thriving hub of talent, innovation and commercial success in developing computer games. The region is home to several key development studios, employing over 700 experts in 17 companies and generating GVA in excess of £200m per annum, and a supply chain that encompasses an additional 500 freelance technologists and artists. It is also home to nearly 10% of the UK’s computer game workforce. The region is widely renowned in the industry for its very own cultural games festival, Game City.

Console development is a major strength of the region, with a number of recent blockbusters and budget price titles like Buzz!, Pirates of the Caribbean, Viva Pinata and ‘Quantum of Solace’ produced here.

Another key asset is our talent in the online space, developing new games, new platforms and new business models for the digital distribution age. As a region, we produce an impressive array of products across virtually all platforms: consoles, PC, Nintendo, Wii and DS, MMOs (multiplayer online games), and emerging platforms like iPhone and iPod Touch.
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