Research & development

Respected degree courses
Six universities in the region offer construction-related degrees, and are highly rated within the industry.
The University of Nottingham’s School of the Built Environment was recently voted by The Times Online as the best place to study construction in the UK, reaching the maximum score of 100 points, followed by Loughborough University which scored 98.5. Both Nottingham Trent and Northampton University are also in the top 20, making the region an excellent choice for students and superb source of talent for regional companies.

Further education
The region’s further education colleges are also leading the way in the industry, and have taken the lead through the only UK Government Pathfinder project in Innovative Construction.

Strategic input
Loughborough is also home to the European Construction Institute, the Centre for Innovative Construction and the East Midlands Centre for Constructing the Built Environment, providing the strategic leadership for the interests of the region’s construction industry.
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