Attracting by a flourishing region

England's East Midlands is an attractive prospect so alongside our traditional key sectors, it is unsurprising to find additional sectors thriving and experiencing considerable growth here.
  • The Building Technologies sector has been quick to capitalise on the region's academic excellence in construction and development, as well as planned investments into more than 160,000 new homes.
  • Digital Media companies have gone from strength to strength in the region - numerous hardware and software products are developed here and we have our very own cultural games festival.
  • Logistics companies take excellent advantage of our position at the heart of the road and rail network, with additional easy access to air and seaports
  • The region's Marine sector is also expanding, with numerous companies investing in the area, from family run businesses to major global players.
  • The field of Telematics and location-based technologies forms a growing part of the communications industry.

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