Advanced materials industry

England’s East Midlands is home to a cluster of companies undertaking the majority of activities involved with the composite product lifecycle from ‘Prepregging’ through to moulding. The degree of clustering of this capability in the East Midlands region is unique for the UK.

The cluster has strong associations with key organisations regionally, nationally and internationally utilising composites in the aerospace, marine and motor-sport industries.

East Midlands Economics Online (EMEO) takes the lead in advising UK Central Government on the development of the UK materials sector strategy as well as the UK manufacturing sector strategy.

Key Regional Actors
Major commercial players in the East Midlands’ composites landscape include; Amber Composites Limited, Carbon Concepts Ltd, Cobham Composites Ltd, EPM Technology, EPL Composite Solutions Ltd, and Scott Bader Company Ltd.

The East Midlands Textiles Association, EMTEX promotes new technologies and working practices, generates new business and advises on overseas trading.

Advanced Composites Group
Advanced Composites Group Ltd, part of the Umeco group, is a “prepregger” and converter of composites, supplying high-performance composite products for a diverse range of industries such as motorsport, aerospace, marine, automotive, construction, wind energy and leisure sports, all over the world.

Advanced Composites Group is working with 16 other leading British organizations in both industrial and research composites to support Airbus Industrie (Toulouse, France) in developing novel materials and process technologies for use on the Next Generation Composite Wing (NGCW), backed by £103 million from government and industrial partners. NGCW is considered to be vital to the future of more environmentally-friendly air travel, optimising the weight, design and manufacturing cost of the aircraft wing, thereby improving efficiency and performance – burning less fuel means lower costs and fewer emissions.

Axon Automotive
Axon Automotive designs and manufactures light weight vehicles and vehicle structures based on a carbon fibre structures technology. Low tooling cost for parts, combined with high performance and low weight make this a competitive low carbon car platform technology. Beams, crash structures and structures for vehicle derivatives are typical applications.
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