Research & development

England’s East Midlands boasts research strengths in pharmaceuticals, clinical testing, developing new materials, nanotechnology, chemistry and drug development.

Our universities
The University of Nottingham has long been at the centre of developments in Magnetic Resonance techniques. Much of the early, pioneering work on MRI was done here by Sir Peter Mansfield in the mid-1970s. The University’s School of Pharmacy has a ranking of ‘internal excellence’ while its Centre for Biomolecular Sciences unites over 300 world-leading scientific experts in drug-discovery, cancer-research, stem-cell science, bacteriology and regenerative medicine.
The Interdisciplinary Centre for Biological Engineering at Loughborough University is leading the discovery, development and processing of new and exciting next generation human cell and tissue based therapies/tools. This will address significant health issues including the consequences of ageing and the trauma and burden of healthcare acquired infections.

The UK’s top-rate genetics research department is based at the University of Leicester, which has earned worldwide acclaim for the invention of genetic finger printing and continues to carry out substantial research into human genome instability.

The only Anthony Nolan centre outside London is at Nottingham Trent University, with high-specification research laboratories engaged in cutting-edge cancer research.

International research
Nottingham has an international reputation and a critical mass of basic research activity on four bacterial healthcare associated infections Clostridium difficile; E.coli; MRSA and other staphylococci; and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The remit of the Centre for Healthcare Associated Infections includes infectious disease surveillance, providing specialist and reference microbiology and microbial epidemiology, co-ordinating the investigation and cause of national and uncommon outbreaks, helping advise government on the risks posed by various infections and responding to international health alerts.
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