Research & development

The region benefits from eight universities, each with a strong offering for business and financial studies. The following details the university rankings based on Financial and Business Services1  related subjects;

Accounting and Finance
  • 2 universities in top 12 overall, University of Nottingham (12) and Loughborough University (4)
  • 3 universities in top 10 for graduate prospects, University of Nottingham (4), Nottingham Trent University (6), Loughborough University (9)
Business Studies
  • 3 universities in top 20 overall, Loughborough University (4), University of Nottingham(15), Leicester University (18)
  • University of Nottingham Business School 1st in the UK and 26th globally in the Aspen Institute's 'Beyond Grey Pinstripes' ranking of the world's most innovative MBS programmes 
  • 3 universities in top 20 overall, University of Nottingham (8), Loughborough University (16), Leicester University (20)
  • University of Nottingham 10th in graduate prospects

The University of Nottingham has a range of research groups:
Nottingham Trent University offers the Retail Banking Degree which it established with Barclays Bank and also hosts the International Fraud Prevention Research Centre.  

Loughborough University continues its European Banking Programme, an intensive 10-day European Banking Programme sponsored by Erasmus and the EU with support by the ifs School of Finance. It also hosts the Accounting, Finance and Banking Research Group.
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