By 2020, fuel cell and hydrogen technologies have the potential to generate carbon savings of up to 1.74 million tonnes in the UK alone. Here, along with Europe and the USA, regional activities are leading the drive to promote and invest in the demonstration of hydrogen technologies. It seems logical to assume, therefore, that early adoption will be mainly through regional initiatives.
England’s East Midlands is at the cutting edge of fuel cell development. With a wealth of activity and expertise in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies that is unrivalled in the UK, companies located here are well placed to exploit these trends. 
In fact, the growing reputation of the region is starting to generate interest internationally from companies with cutting edge technologies and those looking for collaboration opportunities, many of which would be eligible for European funding.

In England’s East Midlands, your company will enjoy access to:
  • A complete fuel cell manufacturing supply chain
  • World-leading technological innovations
  • State-of-the-art research and development facilities
  • High-profile demonstrator activity
  • A particular centre of activity surrounding the university campus at Loughborough
Situated in the middle of the country, the region is at the heart of the national transport infrastructure. Many logistics operations are based here, providing early demonstration and market opportunities, such as fuel cell powered forklift trucks, airport ground support vehicles and numerous fleet vehicle operations. There are also opportunities for the development of hydrogen and fuel cell systems for heavier vehicles.
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