Research & development

Industry initiatives

A presence in the UK allows your business to benefit from participation in many national aerospace industry initiatives. For example, Supply Chain 21 (SC21) - which aims to improve all aspects of supply within the aerospace and defence industries - includes the provision of a Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS).

We are also partnering England’s West Midlands in co-funding a Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC). Scheduled to open in 2016 and representing an investment of some £30 million, the MTC will focus on:
  • development and application of high-integrity joining and fabrication
  • expertise in tooling
  • automation and operational performance with industrial scale pre-production and demonstration facilities
In addition, the Systems Engineering Innovation Centre (SEIC) based in Loughborough is proving an invaluable resource for systems engineers in the UK. Opened in 2003, the SEIC is currently hosting more than 40 industrial and academic researchers working on a variety of projects specific to systems engineering.

Innovation Networks
Locating in England’s East Midlands also gives you access to the government-funded, world-leading National Aerospace Technology Strategy. This is establishing a number of Aerospace Innovation Networks to determine and carry forward research in fields such as:
  • environmental technology
  • high-temperature materials
  • advanced electrical power systems
  • sensor technologies
  • health management and prognosis
  • through-life support
University research
The East Midlands has a high concentration of aerospace research activity at universities, sponsored by key UK and global prime contractors/ systems suppliers:

Loughborough University – combustion
University of Nottingham – transmissions
University of Nottingham – manufacturing

BAE Systems
University of Leicester – controls
Loughborough – systems engineering

GE Aviation
University of Nottingham – power controls
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