Aerospace industry

The East Midlands aerospace supply chain comprises some 400 firms employing around 45,000 people.

Perhaps the biggest name in the regional industry is Rolls-Royce; the iconic UK company and the world’s largest producer of aero-engines has its global headquarters and jet engine manufacturing facilities here.

Rolls Royce offers the broadest range of engines to the aviation industry, with more than 600 airlines (including nine of the world’s top ten) relying on Rolls-Royce power. The company is renowned for demanding the highest level of skills available – for example, Rolls-Royce invests around £800 million each year on research and development projects to improve its product portfolio, increase efficiency and enhance environmental performance.

Over the last 20 years, Rolls-Royce has established a global network of 28 University Technology Centres (UTCs), 19 of which are in the UK. Each UTC addresses a key technology and collectively they tackle a wide range of engineering disciplines, from combustion and aerodynamics to noise and manufacturing technology.

Other key players
Other major companies in England’s East Midlands include Alstom, SPS Technologies, Thales, BAE Systems, Greene and Tweed. Together, they create a particular regional focus on propulsion systems, on-board systems, engineering and consultancy.

Advanced materials
Another major strength in the region is specialist metals and materials, with companies based here supplying innovative resources worldwide. The Advanced Composites Group, for example, leads the way in composite materials – widely used in aerospace – with their high-performance, durable products.
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