ICT industry

In England’s East Midlands, the ICT sector is a key technology area that employs a workforce of 39,000, providing a firm foundation for setting up a successful ICT business in the region. Add this to the renowned expertise of the region's software developers and you have an attractive prospect for global companies, but what companies are the competing players in the technology markets? Find out more through the Magic Quadrant.

At the cutting edge
The region excels in custom software for industrial applications, in particular: automotive industry design and production, manufacturing companies, business applications, Virtual Reality and Real Time applications, computer game design, systems level software and applications solutions software.

The East Midlands is also at the forefront in the development of digital technology, with games development businesses here generating 20% of the UK’s total development product.

University expertise
The region’s eight universities are particularly strong on ICT, with nearly 6,000 students currently studying Computer Science at East Midlands universities. The Informatics Institute also plays a role in facilitating collaborative research that brings together academics, industry and commerce.

Four Soft Ltd
Enterprise Solutions Company Four Soft Ltd has chosen Nottingham as the base for its European headquarters. The company, which develops innovative
software products and provides IT consultancy services for the logistics and supply chain management marketplace, has software development centres in Australia, Denmark, India, Singapore, The Netherlands, the USA and England (Nottingham, Leeds & Liverpool).

Four Soft Ltd chose Nottingham as its base because of the city’s strong pool of local talent, specialist courses at regional universities and excellent transport links including air, road and rail. The region is also considered to be a relaxed location which promotes creativity.
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