Jaivel was started in 1998 by Vipul Vachhani to service the Indian advanced engineering market for the design and manufacture of turbine blades & blisk rotor related investment casting tooling and plastic injection moulds for aerospace & power generation sector.  By 2001 Jaivel achieved market leadership in blisk rotor investment casting tooling market in Indian & also started engineering services division for Aerospace Industries. As the company began to establish it’s new service line, feedback from their growing European Aerospace client base was increasingly suggesting that a European office would not only increase their existing orders but also open up new opportunities.

In December 2004, Jaivel contacted UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). Discounting London in favour of England’s East Midlands’ manufacturing expertise and central location they formed a close working relationship with the East Midlands Economics Online (EMEO). In June 2005 they set their UK offices and by 2007 had relocated to larger premises at Mansfield’s iCentre to house their growing business.

Whilst India’s manufacturing and engineering skills had never been in doubt, Jaivel felt that they needed to harness the design & engineering skills of a European workforce if they were to produce products & Services that would truly appeal to their growing European market. Along with capturing the design expertise of a European workforce, Jaivel would also be working within the same time zones as their European clients, a simple but crucial factor in establishing any working relationship.

Vipul Vachani explains: “Simple things that people take for granted in business relationships are so much easier now. We work in the same time zone so we are in the office and online at the same time as our clients. We also have a greater insight into European working practices which has enabled us to understand our clients’ needs and customs better”

With the decision to set up the European office made, Jaivel contacted UK Trade and Industry and began to examine the feasibility of a London office. However, following a visit to London, it quickly became apparent that it was not a suitable location for Jaivel.

With a background in the aerospace industry, Vipul was well aware of the heritage and expertise of the East Midlands’ manufacturing sector and its central location in the heart of the UK gave it a distinct advantage. UKTI put Vipul in touch with EMEO’s representative in India and from then the project moved at a rapid pace.

Having worked hard to understand Jaivel’s requirements, EMEO began to advise Jaivel about the variety of locations available in the region, giving a full brief on the local universities and research groups that they could work with for the latest in engineering design.

Vipul continues; “The team at EMEO has been indispensable ever since we first met. From finding the premises and providing information about potential workforce availability and salary guidelines to the little things like helping me apply for a driving license. We don’t have to call on EMEO so much now we are established here but they are always available for advice should we need it.”

“We have already received a great deal of positive feedback from our European clients who are delighted that we now have a presence here,” Vipul said. “Not only are we closer in terms of time zones, the excellent transport links available with the airport so close by means that we are able to meet face-to-face, a crucial factor in business.”

David Wallace, International Director at EMEO said: “Jaivel’s investment in Leicestershire represents a significant step forward in the growth of the company, putting it in a strong position from which to establish its place in Europe. The investment also works to cement the already impressive links that exist between the East Midlands and India.

“We hope that Jaivel’s success will lead the way for yet more companies based in Asia to consider the region as a viable base for their European operations.” Since starting its European Operations, Jaivel has gone from strength to strength. The company currently operates from two engineering centres in India and a further two in the UK. Initially the UK centres were strategically positioned to serve the supply chain for the aerospace industry. With partnership agreements now in place, Jaivel is able to offer its Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) to a broader spectrum of manufacturing engineering sectors, including Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Automotive and Medical.

The UK Company covers both the East and West Midlands from one location with the North West region being covered by a separate facility. Currently under evaluation is a third UK centre to cover Wales and the South West. On a global front, a centre for advanced engineering and design technology is under consideration in Bangalore, for opening in 2016.

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