Four Soft

Four Soft Ltd (FS) is an Enterprise Solutions Company that develops innovative software products, and provides IT consultancy services for the logistics and supply chain management marketplace and is now the global leader in its market. It is exceptional for an Indian company to have its own software product; mostly Indian IT firms are services companies.

Presently it has state-of-the-art software development centres are located in different geographical locations:
  • Australia : Sydney
  • Denmark : Aarhus & Copenhagen
  • England : Nottingham, Leeds & Liverpool
  • India : Hyderabad & Pune
  • Singapore : Singapore
  • The Netherlands : Dordrecht
  • USA : New York
The company currently employs 950 people worldwide with 230 employed in Europe (of which 50 Nottingham, 45 Leeds, 38 Liverpool) and 40 in the US.
Group turnover is $48m, 67% of which is derived from Europe. $3.5m is being invested in R&D in India.

1999 Founded in Hyderabad, India with a $1m investment
2000 Went live with first customer
2001 Incorporated operations in Singapore
Launches 4S eSupply product
2002 Announced operations in USA
Signed contract with Eagle Global Logistics
2004 Acquired CargoMate BV $2m with 8 staff
Earned ISO 9001 Certificate of Approval
Gets global award for contribution to Logistics from Global Institute of Logistics
2005 Listed on Indian Stock market – Bombay & New Delhi
Acquired DCS Transportation and Logistics Division in the UK $19m
Acquired Comex Frontier in Singapore and Asia
Grew to $30 million in revenue and 230 customers
Won Best IT SME award
2006 New office in Japan opened
Pune Technology Centre established
Acquired Fraser Williams Ltd in Liverpool for £1m
2007 Announcement on acquisition of TransAxiom in Denmark

Why Nottingham?
When FS acquired DCS for $19m they had offices in Nottingham, Leeds, Europe and the US. Nottingham was selected as the European HQ location because of:
  • Strong pool of local talent: Nottingham and the region has many more Universities with software development specialisms than London and it is therefore easier to recruit qualified staff.
  • Much lower cost of living compared to the South East.
  • Good air links: through East Midlands and Birmingham Airports.
  • Centrally located with good road & rail links.
  • The East Midlands region is more relaxed as a location which promotes creativity which is important in software development.
Why Four Soft want to engage with EMEO
Four Soft genuinely believe that they made the right choice when they came to invest in Nottingham. They want to share their experience, which is very positive, and give something back to the community.

They want to publicise their skills and show UK customers that an Indian company which would traditionally have taken outsourcing work away from the UK is now located in the UK. This gives a strong ‘comfort factor’ message to UK customers as they have a UK base. The European side of the business is being up-skilled to move the business further up the value added chain.

By working with EMEO, Four Soft can also:
  • be used to showcase the region to other potential Indian investors
  • be brought into other EMEO networks to exchange their experiences and possibly to find new opportunities moving forward
Four Soft feel that EMEO can help them with recruitment for specialist UK positions – they want to leverage EMEO’s contacts to help them find the right people.

Lastly, on the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, they want to be known as a successful company in Nottingham that is closely associated with its local community.

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