VIP Treatment
When a Taiwanese LED Manufacturing company were looking for the quickest way to set up a UK operation, the VIP Global Fast-Track programme from England’s East Midlands delivered a fast service tailored exactly to their requirements. Within just 14 days from the initial enquiry, the company was set up and ready to take advantage of fast-moving market opportunities.

For companies looking for the fast route to set up in the UK market, the VIP Global Fast-Track programme from England’s East Midlands can provide a vital way in to develop their business at the speed needed to capitalise on gaps in the market.

Straight-forward, efficient, effective and conducted in a way that allows businesses to maximise their opportunities in the British and European markets, the programme is designed to give companies locating to the East Midlands a tailored support package, whatever their business needs may be.

Hit the ground running
LED manufacturer E-Lighton Optronics Corporation found this out firsthand as one of the first companies to benefit from the special scheme designed to give incoming investors all the support and market information needed to hit the ground running.

The company were looking to establish a UK sales office to break into the British and European markets, and the East Midlands – with its fantastic transport links, central location, and cost-competitive prices, was ideally placed to satisfy this requirement. The company rapidly decided that this was the location to set up EcoStar, a new company with exclusive agreements to service the UK and European markets.

With a focus on LED lighting retail and maintenance, EcoStar will sell to both domestic and commercial customers. Based on specialised heat-dissipating technologies with a market leading intensity of illumination and temperature control, the products offered by EcoStar represent substantial

long-term savings both in running costs and through a reduction in carbon emissions.

High demand for both cost reductions and energy savings in the UK and European markets meant EcoStar wanted to move quickly to take advantage of the opportunity. After an initial enquiry in early May, the dedicated sector managers from the England’s East Midlands International Investment team recognised that EcoStar would be perfect candidate for the Fast Track Global VIP Programme. The programme is designed to accelerate the process of establishing your company abroad and make it as trouble-free as possible to achieve market entry.

Help and advice
Participating in the programme allowed EcoStar to receive free Company Registration in the UK, and this was completed by the middle of May. This was followed up with a meeting between EcoStar and the Investment team at England’s East Midlands to discuss market opportunities, locations and other information needed as the groundwork for a successful investment. Kevin Chang, MD of EcoStar found the process to be both quick and focused, commenting: “With EMEO’s help, we were able to quickly seize a market opportunity in the UK. The team were responsive to our needs and were able to help us get set up and ready to launch our product extremely quickly. With their help, we were able to seize the opportunity at the right time”.

After connecting the company with UK intermediaries including accountants, the process of registration was completed. This was followed with detailed proposals sent by the team in the East Midlands, containing in-depth information on universities and the talent pool in the region, salary details, useful contacts and other important demographic information.

With the speed of set-up fastenough to match EcoStar's ambitious plans, the arrangementswere soon in place for them tolaunch their UK operations. And the working relationship hasn’t stopped there, as the team are providing ongoing support and care to help the business expand and develop further.

Personalised support
As Kevin Chang commented: “The VIP Global Fast-Track programme gave our expansion plans a real boost. The support meant our plans could happen quickly, which was vital. All the details were taken care of for us. The service was really tailored to our requirements and meant setting up was a smooth process with lots of extra bonuses – we really benefitted from a high level of personalised support”

With speed being essential to their plans, in just 14 days from their initial enquiry the company were set to achieve their business aims in the East Midlands. With this level of personalised support and a team willing to go the extra mile, your company could be off to a flying start in the UK market sooner than expected.

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