Australian firm Bomac is a materials handling and fall arrest specialist, whose products are used in many industries including manufacturing, automotive, mining, and food and beverage processing.

Their cranes and height safety systems can be found across Australasia and they have been increasingly keen to establish a UK business to service a growing European customer base.

In order to progress the new initiative, Bomac began to explore a new joint venture with an established business partner, Swift-Tech-Ltd. David Courtney, Managing Director of Swift-Tech-Ltd, which specialises in safety fencing and distance guards for machines, already had over 25 years of international project management experience in the industrial automation field. This and the fact he had also spent time working in Australia with Bomac meant that this partnership was going to be a success.

Altrac is safety-tested rail system that can be tailored to almost any application including jib cranes, overhead bridge gantry cranes and in particular has many advantages for fall-arrest height safety systems.

Having agreed to set up the new distributorship in the UK, David and Barry McFarlane, Bomac Director and inventor of Altrac, began to look for suitable locations. Barry had already entered into discussions with the British Midlands International Investment team, who had begun to compile a list of suitable locations for the business.

The central location of the Midlands would prove ideal for the new venture, David explains, “With customers potentially based across the entire country and beyond we needed a base with good motorway access and international links so the Midlands was ideal.

“Another consideration was access in terms of the building itself. We needed enough space in which to manufacture and distribute the products but this had to be tempered with the fact that the business was in its early stages. Thankfully the team found us a good range of premises and we settled on the Kettering site. We also received invaluable advice on professional issues and marketing. With so many things to consider during the set-up stages, this advice was invaluable and really helped us to put the foundations of the business in place early on.”

With the new facility in place, complete with full demonstration area, Swift-Tech can look to the future as the sole distributor for Altrac and its associated components throughout the UK and Europe, whilst Bomac aims to achieve a major foothold in the market. This will be achieved by developing a network of re-sellers already involved in the business but seeking an edge with new technology and directly promoting the products to end users in the manufacturing, transport and building design & maintenance sectors.

“Quality is the watchword here”, explains David. “For instance, the aluminium used in these products is 100% traceable to its origin and is tested to the toughest standards in the world, Australian standards. In order to maintain this high quality we need a skilled workforce and once again our Kettering location will be an asset here.

“There is a skilled workforce in the area which we can tap into produce some of the bespoke parts and we are already looking to recruit project managers and engineers from the local workforce.”

With the increase awareness for improvements in the workplace, manual materials handling and safety systems will continue to be in great demand and the future looks bright for Swift-Tech whose products are not only tested to the most rigorous safety standards but are also 50% quicker for their customers to install.

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